Dog Training Tips

Here at Canine Connection, our priority is educating the public on proper pet care and training tips. The handling of our pets hugely effects their behaviour. Thousands of dogs every year are euthanized across North America due to behavioural concerns created by people. Let’s stop this trend and share knowledge and ideas!

With proper education and practice, every pet owner is able to prevent behavioural concerns and improve their dog’s overall life skills.

Learn how your dog is communicating with the people and animals around you.

Socializing Your New Puppy
The key to preventing behaviour concerns in your dog is active socialization as a puppy. Here are some great ideas to consider.

House Training
Let’s make sure you aren’t the reason your puppy goes to the bathroom indoors. Here are some helpful hints.

Alpha Wha?!
It’s 2015 people – time to clear the water. The facts about Dominance based training at your finger tips!

Mental & Physical Stimulation
A tired dog is a good dog… Here are a few ideas again provided by the Calgary Humane Society.

Annika Mcdade